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Overseas Health Insurance News: Tea 'could prevent dental decay'

International health insurance customers might be interested to learn in an alternative method of preventing tooth decay.

According to Dr Carrie Ruxton, a member of the Tea Advisory Panel, it has been known for decades that tea has antibacterial properties.

However, the idea has only recently been assessed scientifically. Studies reported by the panel found that compounds in tea, known as flavonoids, are able to disrupt the bacteria in the mouth that cause dental decay.

Dr Ruxton explained: "Black tea flavonoids are more potent than those found in green tea.

"Flavonoids also inhibit the breakdown of starch from our foods whilst we are chewing them. This helps to prevent build up of plaque."

Expatriates who are concerned about their dental hygiene might want to talk more with their doctor or dentist about the matter to reassure themselves.

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