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Overseas Health Insurance News: Middle East popular with younger expats

The Middle East has become a particularly popular place for young expatriates to relocate to, according to new research.

Career opportunities and the positive economic outlook have been cited as reasons for more of the younger generation moving to the region.

The HSBC Expat Explorer survey found that Oman reported a 90 per cent satisfaction level in its expats, in Qatar it was 89 per cent and Saudi Arabia had an 83 per cent level.

Considering the average level across the world is 59 per cent, then this shows that the Middle East fulfilling a lot of the promise which has been associated with it.

Another benefit of relocating to the region for this age group without family ties is that there are large financial incentives.

High salaries are coupled with personal incomes being taxed at a low rate, giving those living in the Middle East the chance to save that many of their generation in other parts of the world cannot do.

When Saudi Arabia is taken as a typical example of the area, 46 per cent of all the expats heading to the country fall in the 18 to 34-year-old bracket, whereas just eight per cent are aged 55 or over.

Despite satisfaction with the countries in which they live 34 per cent of expats in Saudi Arabia, 30 per cent in Qatar and 29 per cent in Oman are contemplating leaving.

This may be due to the fact that they have lived in the country for a while and have already gained the benefits available from the destination and are ready to return home.

Saving a bit of money or getting a foot in the door of certain industries may be the reasons behind this.

This may always have been the plan when they moved in the first place as expats based in the Middle East tend to have a stronger affiliation to their adopted country than expats in other destinations.

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