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Overseas Health insurance News: Investment opportunities in European property

Prospective expatriates have plenty of choice on offer when it comes to investing in property markets in Europe, a foreign home website had stated.

Property-Abroad.com director Les Calvert commented that while there is "lots of investment potential" in European countries, "it is the hand cherry-picking them that is difficult in pinpoint".

He also mentioned that markets for expatriate housing outside Europe are looking positive, with Brazil doing particularly well.

"For investment purposes, it is a growing economy, prices are still reasonable and there is definitely a market there for Brazil," he added.

Mr Calvert's comments follow research from the Worldwide Property Group showing than four in five people aged 45 to 54 are considering buying into the expatriate lifestyle by purchasing an international property, while nine in ten believe that the market provides an excellent opportunity for investment.

Prospective expatriate medical insurance policyholders thinking of relocating abroad should ensure they have all their finances in order before they leave, as according to expat magazine ShelterOffshore, this is the primary reason why many retired people are forced to move back home.

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