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Overseas Health Insurance News: Fizzy drinks in childhood 'lead to obesity'

Expatriates may wish to avoid buying their children fizzy drinks, as it has been said this can lead to obesity – a condition that can increase international healthcare premiums.

Slimming World nutritionist Jenny Allan claimed sugary versions of these products are "full of empty calories", which do not satisfy appetites but contribute to a person's overall energy consumption.

She suggested that parents promote diet alternatives, water or low-calorie juices, but stated that adults should not prevent their offspring from drinking sodas altogether.

"Just like adults, if you tell your child they can't have something they'll only want it all the more," the expert pointed out.

Instead, Ms Allan suggested that mums and dads praise youngsters for making healthy choices and ensure they never feel judged for selecting sugary products.

This can result in them becoming adults with positive relationships with food, she declared.

Drinking fizzy beverages and eating sweets in childhood is also related to poor oral health in later life, according to British Dental Health Foundation chief executive Dr Nigel Carter.

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