Overseas Health Insurance News: Expats 'earn more than Botswana citizens' -
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Overseas Health Insurance News: Expats 'earn more than Botswana citizens'

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders could earn 100 per cent more than Botswana citizens (known as Batswana) in the African nation, a report has claimed.

Data from the Central Statistics Office shows expats working in the government, parastatals and private sector earn higher rates than citizens working in the same division.

According to the Botswana Gazette, an international health insurance customer employed in private business or state-owned companies can expect a monthly paycheck of BWP11,920 (US$1,874.34), compared to BWP4,310 for resident citizens.

Meanwhile, in central government jobs, expats can earn BWP12,027 on average a month, while Batswana take home BWP5,133.

A report in 2007 noted that a bias towards expatriate workers was reflected in Botswana's salary differentials, the newspaper reports.

"On average, non-citizen employees earn almost three times more than Batswana," it states.

"The average basic monthly pay accruing to non-citizens in March 2005 was BWP7,163, while the average monthly basic pay of Batswana was BWP2,508."

The report points out that the disparity is highest in the parastatal sector, where an expatriate worker earned an average of BWP21,738 next to a citizen's BWP6,708 salary.

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