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Overseas Health Insurance News: Exercise 'is useful for the elderly'

Older expatriates may be able to avoid making a claim on their international health insurance by ensuring they undertake physical activity.

This is according to celebrity trainer and fitness entrepreneur Steve Halsall, who argued this can help minimise a person's likelihood of suffering from the degenerative illnesses associated with age.

These include general atrophy, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, while working out will also enable older individuals to "feel better and maintain physical parity with the youthful attitude most people manage to maintain".

A professional ought to be sought out before any exercise regime is initiated, who can test issues such as heart rate, blood pressure and lung function and provide the individual with a green light, he asserted.

Older members of the public will be able to continue achieving their potential and continue living independently if they display high levels of physical awareness, the expert noted.

Mr Halsall advised people to not delay their decision to begin a fitness regime.

Consistency is also important, he added, with this applying to everyone who involves themselves with exercise.

The expert argued individuals ought to consider the issues that are important to them, which may be strong bones, a healthy heart, mobility and flexibility.

Activities such as yoga, low-level workout classes and brisk walks were all said to have beneficial qualities in these areas.

"Old people should not be afraid of using the gym," Mr Hallsall declared, advising them to perform the basics properly and be progressive.

Many of these facilities have offers to enable pensioners to have free personal workout sessions, he claimed.

Patience is also essential, while finding a friend to exercise can also make the experience more pleasurable as "it's always good to train with someone", the expert proclaimed.

Depression can also be alleviated through physical activity, with actions such as dancing, gardening, walking the dog or playing with children often enjoyable, mindfulness-based Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner and author of Transforming Stress to Success Michelle Clemmons recently noted.

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