Nightmarish Expat Destinations from Around the World

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Being an expat is an exciting prospect as it gives you the opportunity to explore a new environment, new culture and start a new chapter.

However, being an expat isn’t always as rosy as it seems. Expats need to be careful as things are not always as they seem in some places and living and working in these countries can be a bit of a nightmare.

Although there are a plethora of countries that should be on your potential destination list there are also some that should be avoided.


As one of the least popular countries located in the middle east, Kuwait has made it onto the list because of its very poor quality of life.

The country has consistently been ranked as the worst expat country due to its uncomfortable culture, hostile locals and expats being unhappy with the available leisure activities.

Another reason the country is so unpopular for expats is the low-income bracket meaning most expats are underpaid for their services, resulting in most being unsatisfied with their job and their work-life balance.


The continual economic turmoil in Greece makes it one of the nightmare destinations to make the list. The widespread financial insecurity and a lack of job opportunities have made this country rather unappealing to expats.

People in Greece barely earn enough money to take care of their everyday expenses and until these major financial problems are fixed, Greece will remain a bad expat destination.


It may come as a surprise, but this European country is one of the worst countries for expats to live. It may be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world but the same cannot be said for living in the country.

Unfortunately, the country is currently suffering from an unstable economy, which has led to a lot of personal finance struggles.

A lot of expats in Italy worry about their job security and are generally unhappy with their jobs. There are many great aspects of this country but for now, it might be best kept as a holiday destination rather than a place to live.


Although this South American country welcomes foreigners with open arms, don’t be tempted by its hospitality.

Sadly, the quality of life in Brazil is especially low, the very ancient roads, infrastructure and the shabby but expensive educational system are to blame for this.

Security is also a large concern to expats in Brazil. People in Brazil live in constant fear for their personal safety due to the inadequate security in the country.


Life in Turkey isn’t as bad as the above countries but there is still a lot to be concerned about.

The cost of living, financial sector and safety of Turkey isn’t good but it’s also not great, the issue is that there’s a high probability that things are going to get worse. Also, the Syria conflict is a potential impact of residents of Turkey.

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