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International Medical Insurance News: Coverage of both expats and locals a 'thorny problem'

As requests for healthcare packages covering both local nationals and expatriate employees increase, insurers are facing a slew of new challenges and opportunities, a news report has said.

According to Health Insurance and Protection magazine, companies are looking to make use of local talent available abroad in a bid to avoid higher costs

Next to that, there is also an increase in the number of people accepting international assignments on local, instead of expatriate, contracts.

Such trends pose both challenges and opportunities for healthcare package providers.

Simon Ball, head of UK global benefits practice at Aon Consulting, said that covering both expatriates and local nationals is a frequent request.

"Most organisations are looking for a single policy where possible. The risk margins are reduced, you have the economy of scale from having everyone together and the terms are better."

But Mark Cassidy, medical underwriter at Healix, described the dual coverage as a "thorny problem."

"Anybody who says that they can do it has got to be very careful about what they are saying," he said.

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