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International Healthcare News: Oman 'is luxurious and diverse'

People relocating abroad to Oman are settling in an exciting and diverse destination.

Travel writer and photographer Frances Linzee Gordon called the nation clean, safe, small and welcoming.

However, the country contains a notable contrast in its landscapes, she pointed out, remarking that it contains lush oases, desert, green valleys and mountain ranges.

The representative highlighted the variety in its attractions, explaining more than 500 forts and castles dot the Omani coast alongside a number of "beautiful beaches".

Expatriates who would like to understand the Middle East or the Arabian world could also appreciate Oman, as the specialist said it offers a "gentle introduction" to this country.

Ms Linzee Gordon said other activities in the region include sailing, rock-climbing, trekking and nature-watching, adding that some of the animals people can see include the Arabian Oryx, as well as turtles and birds.

Oman is welcoming to foreigners, she stated, repeating the Arabic saying of "a guest is a gift from God".

As a result, the country is exciting and "addictive", the travel expert declared, arguing the hospitality on offer is more "overwhelming" than anywhere else on earth.

"Wherever you go, you will hear 'welcome' muttered to you," she said, pointing out that this would be unlikely to happen in New York, London or Paris.

Luxury is also a key consideration in Oman, with the country combining "almost cliched Orientalism" with its centuries of civilisation and the know-how unique to the Middle East.

As a result, people can experience "heavy damask and silk furnishings, scattered rose petals and sweetly-scented incense in bedrooms, and musicians playing around a fountain in the dining room", she said.

People with expatriate medical insurance can take advantage of the healthcare facilities offered in Oman, which are described by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office as "generally comparable with those of the UK".

The public body noted that people without international health insurance or the funds to pay for treatment may be unable to leave the nation until they pay their medical costs.

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