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International Healthcare News: Expat orphan makes trip to home country

An expatriate woman who was brought over to Britain as a baby by a British newspaper has at last visited her homeland, which has been documented in a BBC programme.

Viktoria Cowley was one of 99 babies flown from Vietnam to Britain in 1975 during a period of extreme political unrest. The Daily Mail newspaper ran a campaign to get the children out of an orphanage in Saigon before the city was taken over by communist forces as there were concerns that a mass exodus of local people would leave the vulnerable orphans to fend for themselves.

Ms Cowley has since returned to Vietnam to find out about her roots. Writing for the BBC as a documentary about her life was broadcast, she explained how her British expatriate father had died in 1998 and no one in Ho Chi Minh City (formally known as Saigon) remembered him.

"I’m regarded as a tourist in the country I was born in, and I’m seen as a foreigner in Britain, the country I’ve lived in for most of my life," she wrote in the BBC article.

Despite her having questions about her past, Viktoria has had a happy life and was even able to track down some of her fellow ‘plane babies’.

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