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International Healthcare News: Chlamydia 'increases ectopic pregnancy risk'

Women planning on having a child might want think about the history of their sexual health and double check their international health insurance plan before they conceive.

Recent research has revealed that those who have had chlamydia in the past face a higher risk of ectopic pregnancy due to the lasting effects of the infection.

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the embryo implants outside the womb, generally in the fallopian tube.

It can cause significant complications and as such women are likely to want to check that they are covered for problems in their pregnancy under their expat medical insurance.

The latest study, conducted by scientists at the University of Edinburgh, found that women who had previously been infected were more likely to produce a particular protein in their fallopian tube.

The increased production of this protein in turn makes pregnancy more likely to implant in the fallopian tube.

Dr Andrew Hope from the Centre for Reproductive Biology commented: "We hope that this new information allows health care providers to give women accurate information about risks following chlamydial infection and to support public health messages about the importance of safer sex and chlamydia testing."

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