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International Healthcare News: Breastfeeding 'improves health of babies'

Expatriate healthcare insurance customers who are expecting a new arrival to their family should be advised that breastfeeding could improve the health of their little ones.

According to the Association of Radical Midwives, breastfeeding could protect babies from gut infections and may even boost intelligence.

Sarah Montagu, admin secretary for the organisation, commented: "I think the benefits are reasonably well propagated in the general population.

"Because there are a lot of emotional issues to do with how one feeds one's baby, women are the ones who make the choice as to how they are going to feed their baby, [and] maybe aren't made as aware as they should be of the pros and cons and different methods," she noted.

Ms Montagu's comments come in light of research published in Pediatrics journal suggesting that breastfeeding newborn boys for six months or longer is associated with numeracy and literacy achievement at a later stage, independent of demographic factors.

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