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International Healthcare News: Beirut 'most expensive ME city for expats'

The Lebanese capital of Beirut has been ranked the tenth most expensive city in the world for expatriate health insurance policyholders to rent property, research has found.

A survey by EuroCost International placed the Middle Eastern destination ahead of other cities populated by expatriates, including Paris, Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Geneva and Rio de Janeiro and behind New York City, Singapore, Hong Kong and London.

Tokyo continues to be the most expensive city in the world for expat medical insurance customers, followed by London and Hong Kong, the research found.

Beirut is the most expensive city in the Middle East, up from its ranking at number 28 last year, because of the increase in rental prices.

EuroCost looked at the average price of two and three-bedroom flats in heavily populated expatriate areas of each city before ranking the destinations in order of the most expensive.

Meanwhile, Jordan Times reported that demand for apartments has increased over the last few weeks, driven by expatriates purchasing residential properties.

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