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International Health Insurance News: 'Try to speak native language when abroad'

Prospective expatriates who are considering relocating abroad could try learning the local language when they are researching the expat lifestyle to enjoy the experience more, CILT, the National Centre for Languages has suggested.

Tamzin Caffrey, head of marketing, press and publishing at the organisation, commented that even picking up the local words for please and thank you can help foster relationships with potential new friends.

Expatriates armed with a good guide book and a lot of enthusiasm cannot go far wrong, she said.

"Don't be self-conscious when you get there and have a go at speaking. You can always ask if people understand you, so this phrase is also useful to learn," she pointed out.

Ms Caffrey's comments follow research by online travel agent, which found that ten per cent of British travellers always attempt to speak the native language of the country they are in, while one in five (21 per cent) have not tried to strike up conversation because they did not know the correct translation.

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