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International Health Insurance News: Pregnant mothers 'should seek advice on quitting smoking'

Pregnant women who smoke should seek the benefits of quitting as soon as they can, a childbirth expert has advised.

In comments expatriate healthcare insurance customers wish to note, Amanda Kershaw, a midwife for pregnancy problems charity Tommy's, said women who carried on lighting up through the nine-months of gestation risked inflicting various health problems on their babies.

"For example, stillbirth, cot death, miscarriage, premature birth and low birthweight, are all directly linked to smoking during pregnancy," she noted.

Ms Kershaw pointed out the NHS offers help to stop smoking and said pregnant smokers can ask their midwives for help with this.

The Infant Feeding Survey 2010 provided indications that for many women, the health message about smoking in pregnancy has been getting through.

In 2005, 33 per cent of women smoked while carrying a baby, but this figure had dropped to 26 per cent by 2010.

England saw the figure fall from 32 per cent to 26 per cent, while in Scotland it dipped from 35 per cent to 27 per cent.

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