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International Health Insurance News: Malaysia 'will still need expat workers'

Malaysia will continue to need expatriate health insurance policyholders to carry out manual work, one of the country's manufacturing groups has stated.

According to Bernama, the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers' Association commented: "While we understand the government's earnestness to strive for high economy, we cannot eliminate workers in the lower rung such as general workers, machine operators and labourers."

These positions will require expatriate workers despite the government working on alternatives to the over-reliance on foreign labour, the group said at a consultation session with the International Trade and Industry Ministry.

As resident Malaysians move up the value chain there will be a need to fill the menial labour gap left with expats, particularly when ten rubber glove businesses in the country are being prompted to reinvest RM7.29 billion over the next 11 years for capital expenditure, the newspaper reported.

The association's comments come after 5,000 expat workers in Malaysia staged a protest against their employer following the death of a fellow employee, the People Daily reported.

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