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International Health Insurance News: Dieters 'have better lifestyles'

Expatriate international health insurance policyholders could notice dramatic improvements to their wellbeing if they began slimming, an expert has said.

Slimming World spokeswoman Dr Jacquie Lavin said dieters can be "happier, healthier and more confident" than they were before.

Furthermore, health professionals believe life expectancies can increase by as much as nine years and workers in her organisation think "improving the quality of those years" can also be achieved through weight loss, she continued.

Members of the public "make new friends [and] discover new hobbies" when they are no longer obese, which can change their overall outlook on life, the doctor asserted.

A recent study in medical journal the Lancet found that every aspect of society – from industries to the individual – are responsible for reducing the problems caused by poor diets and a lack of exercise.

However, the researchers claimed the government must also take a lead by coming up with policies to challenge this issue, such as by taxing junk food and banning or restricting certain advertisements.

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