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International Health Insurance News: 'Consider tax obligations' when relocating abroad

While there are many things to consider when relocating abroad, tax obligations are a particularly important issue.

Crown Relocations senior move manager Kimberly Millhouse recommended that people inform the authorities in the country they are leaving that they will be moving to another nation.

She suggested people tell banks and financial institutions of the move, as well as discover whether or not they will be able to access their pension funds in the new country.

Furthermore, any obligations the expatriate has on their real estate holdings should also be dealt with, the specialist advised, noting insurance and mortgage providers should be told whether or not the property will remain empty, if it is being rented or if the owner plans to sell it.

Other organisations that should be informed of the plan to relocate abroad include electric, gas, water, cable, telecom and electricity providers, as well as the postal service, Ms Millhouse added. 

Expatriate medical insurance should also be purchased before a person moves to a new land, with Expatriate Healthcare's plans providing cover for preventative treatments such as vaccinations, as well as assistance in the event of an illness.

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