How to Enjoy Home Comforts When Living Abroad

Part of the joy of living abroad comes from experiencing a new culture, being able to try new foods and take in new sights. However, sometimes you might miss your favourite things from home. We’ve already written about how you can deal with culture shock when moving abroad, which includes enjoying some home comforts. But how can you integrate your home comforts into your new life abroad? Below are some of our top tips.

Make Sure to Bring Your Home Comforts with You

You might want to start fresh in a new place, but you should aim to bring some of your home comforts with you when you pack. Cosy items like cushions and blankets can be a real help in making your new place instantly feel like home. If you have specific loungewear that you like to put on when you get in from work, make sure to bring that with you too.

You can also bring the smell of home with you, by packing specific candles, incense, or wax melts that you would usually use at home. Whilst you don’t want to overpack, including one or two decorative items that remind you of home can really help to settle you into a new place.

Find Your Native Food in Local Shops

Many larger supermarkets will have aisles or shelves dedicated to food from a specific country overseas, so depending on where you’ve moved and where you’ve come from, you might find it easy to stock up on your favourite snacks from home.

Failing that, you might be able to find smaller shops that are stocked entirely with food from your native country, so you can find not only branded snacks but also specific fruits and vegetables that you might associate with home.

Have Care Packages Sent

If you can’t source your favourite food yourself, ask someone from home to send a care package filled with your home comforts. You could send them a list of the foods and anything else that you’re really missing but can’t get hold of in your new home.

Whilst you might not be able to have everything that you’re craving sent – fresh fruits and vegetables, for example, might not last the journey and might not make it past customs – you’re sure to get a few things that can make you feel at home.

Create a Memory Box Before You Move

Before you move, ask your friends and family to write you letters or notes that you can pull out when you’re missing home. Reading the love and support of your people back home will help to remind you of everyone you have in your life, which can really help if you’re feeling lonely or missing the social life you’re used to at home.

If you don’t manage to get a memory box organised before you move but you find you struggle once you’re in your new home, ask your friends and family to send some letters to you instead.

Keep Up to Date with News

If you’re feeling disconnected from your home country, you should try to keep up with the news that’s happening there. This could be by following specific news accounts on social media or by taking the time to visit news pages. You could try to follow national news, or even look at regional news for the local area where you lived.

Doing this can make you feel much more connected with your home country and help you to feel up to date with what’s going on there.

Follow the Music

Some countries might have radio stations that will specifically play music from your home country. If these aren’t available to you, you should try to find other ways to keep up with the music from home. It could be by listening to radio stations online, or by following playlists or artists from your home country on a music streaming service.

By keeping up with your favourite music, you can keep that home comfort in your new life overseas. You’ll also be in the know if an artist visits your new country on tour!

Keep in Touch with Your Friends and Family Back Home

When you’re missing the comforts of home, one of the best ways to combat the negative feelings is to speak to your loved ones back home. You should try to keep in regular contact with your friends and family even if you’ve moved overseas. You might want to schedule in a weekly or monthly phone call, so you can keep up to date with everything that’s happening at home and feel more connected.

You could also organise periodic group video calls, perhaps with people that you would usually see socially when you’re back home. This way you can find out all the news from home and also share your experiences of living abroad.

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