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Expatriate Overseas Health Insurance News: Eye tests 'can discover diseases'

Expatriate healthcare insurance policyholders might want to have regular eye tests as they can discover any problems relating to vision as quickly as possible.

This is the case with "most eyesight or medical conditions", dispensing optician and founder of specialist optical growth firm Independent Practice Growth UK Richard Pakey noted.

He pointed out that "the earlier the condition is detected, the more treatment options you have".

Ocular examinations can discover a range of issues, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Therefore, they are much more than simply "making sure you can see properly", the expert continued.

Glaucoma can result in loss of sight or blindness but can be detected easily through a quick check-up. This can halt its progress and prevent the situation from worsening.

It usually affects people older than 40 years of age, but younger individuals can also suffer from it.

Currently, opticians can perform hi-tech tests including taking detailed photographs of the back of a person's eye.

These can be stored over a number of years to provide the healthcare professionals with "a visual record of your health", as well as enabling them to ascertain "exactly what is happening" inside this organ, Mr Pakey asserted.

He claimed larger chains can often provide an inferior service to smaller independent branches, as big companies wish to "hit targets" and will therefore process customers quickly.

Generally, different employees are dealt with on every visit and there is less pride in the work done compared with less-sizable enterprises, where "someone's name is above the door", the professional argued.

He stated that he knows "hundreds of independent opticians" and the majority view it as their personal responsibility to ensure high-quality eye healthcare for all clients.

These individuals often work in corporations that are "being run by the owner", rather than in bigger companies that have several facilities in their portfolio.

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