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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Seek treatment quickly for rheumatoid arthritis

Expatriates who are showing early signs of rheumatoid arthritis should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to limit the effects of the condition, Arthritis Research UK has stated.

Jane Tadman of the charity commented: "Research has shown that aggressive early treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is the best way of getting it under control before the joints are damaged, so identifying patients early in the course of their disease is therefore essential."

This could lower the amount of treatment needed later on in life and could therefore prevent subsequent claims made on expatriate health insurance policies.

However, Ms Tadman pointed out that access to treatment can sometimes take longer than is ideally desirable, with waiting times delayed between developing symptoms and being seen by a specialist.

Her remarks come in light of research from the Netherlands, which found that patients who have the condition diagnosed early on are more likely to experience less joint destruction than those who delay seeking a medical opinion.

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