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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Older people 'should carry on exercising'

Expatriates past 50 years old may wish to routinely walk instead of using other forms of transport, as this could improve their health outcomes and make them less likely to claim on international private medical insurance policies.

Nutritional therapist from de-stressyourlife.com and co-author of the De-Stress Diet Charlotte Watts explained locomotion means people are not sedentary all of the time.

"In some ways it is not necessarily about the exercise you do, it is about not having atrophy," she remarked.

The expert called yoga "absolutely fantastic", noting it has benefits in detoxification and promoting good breathing and circulation.

Ms Watts also recommended maintaining a "healthy sex drive" throughout later years, as this boosts life quality while reducing levels of stress.

However, rest is also important, as it enables restoration, recovery and rejuvenation, she pointed out.

It is important for people to pay attention to the quality of meals as they become older as the appetite can weaken as individuals age, diet and fitness expert Laura Williams recently stated.

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