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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Older people 'need good diet'

Expatriates with international health insurance may wish to make sure they consume healthy and varied foodstuffs as they become older.

Diet and fitness expert Laura Williams said this is particularly important for elderly individuals.

Anaemia is more common when people get older, but consumption of red meat can prevent this, she declared.

Furthermore, yoghurts, cheeses and milk can provide men and women with calcium, which is needed for optimum bone health, the expert continued.

Ms Williams added fibre, which is vital to prevent constipation and to maintain a healthy digestive system, should also be eaten in fruits, whole grains, vegetable and beans.

It is important to maintain a healthy weight throughout life as studies have revealed people who were heavier in middle age have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease when they are older.

However, an investigation by published in Neurology and performed by the American Academy of Neurology indicated individuals in the early stages of this condition generally have a lower body mass index than those who have not got it.

The findings suggest changes in the brains of people with Alzheimer's "are associated with systemic metabolic changes in the very earliest phases of the disease", study author Jeggry M Burns of the University of Kansas School of Medicine declared.

People with poor appetites frequently choose to eat unhealthy foodstuffs that contain high levels of fat, sugar or salt, Ms Williams pointed out.

"Sometimes the more palatable foods can be less healthy," she admitted, arguing a person puts their health at risk when they eat too many of them.

Salt can heighten blood pressure and is linked to water retention, while hearts can be damaged by diets with high levels of saturated fats, the expert stated.

As an individual's appetite can lessen as they grow older, it is therefore very important elderly men and women pay attention to the quality of their dishes, Ms Williams remarked.

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