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Expatriate Medical Insurance News: Check tariff before using phone abroad

Expat insurance policyholders who are hoping to get away to warmer climes this Christmas have been warmed to check with their mobile network provider before using their phones in another country.

According to research by price comparison website moneysupermarket.com, expatriate holidaymakers could be hit with large bills for calls and texts sent while they are abroad.

Mike Wilson, mobiles and broadband manager at the site, commented that data roaming will also be charged at a higher rate, while calls and texts made under an inclusive deal become invalid as soon as mobile phone users leave the country.

"My advice is to speak to your network provider before you jet off to ensure you are aware of how much calls, texts and internet use will set you back," he suggested.

"Your provider should be able to give you a better understanding of how your tariff differs when away. I would also advise checking whether there is a cheaper international tariff available if you want to use your phone without returning to a hefty bill on the doorstep."

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