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Expatriate International Medical News: Exercise 'has many health benefits'

Expatriates may be able to receive lower premiums for international healthcare if they begin an exercise regime.

This is because physical activity is closely related to improved wellbeing, according to registered physiotherapist Gary Lewin.

He said: "The more active you are, the healthier you are".

However, many people take part in sports and injure themselves, which frequently results in them giving up as the expert claimed this is almost seen as a "self-inflicted wound".

This is why efforts must be made in encouraging members of the public to continue practicing sports rather than merely taking them up, Mr Lewin explained.

"Sport in general is regarded as a part time hobby," the expert argued, noting that it is something people "just get on with".

Therefore, if a person sustains an injury, they often ignore it if it does not hamper their day-to-day performance, but this can enable small ailments to become serious health problems that can seriously impact someone's quality of life.

It can result in absenteeism from work or difficulties in daily living, so "it really is important to get advice early on", he claimed.

Individuals that are just becoming involved in sports often find it difficult to ascertain whether a problem is serious enough to seek professional assistance, the expert noted.

Mr Lewin stated: "If you are not sure, you need to go and get advice."

He noted that physiotherapists can be particularly helpful in maintaining physical fitness, as they can enable people to stay active and in work while enabling them to perform sports "in their own time".

The expert said this makes a person "healthier and more active".

Failing to maintain wellbeing can result in someone becoming overweight or obese, the Australian government's Department of Health and Aging noted.

This is related to many ailments, including sleep apnoea, type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, musculo-skeletal issues, cancer or hypertension, the body continued.

It added: "Most of these health problems are preventable through a healthy and active lifestyle."

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