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Expatriate Insurance News: Thailand named as top expat destination

Many people may look for an expat health insurance plan for a move to Thailand, as the country has been named as the top destination for people looking to relocate overseas.

This is according to the preliminary results of the 2011 HSBC Expat Explorer survey, which questioned 3,385 expats from over 100 countries to find their thoughts.

The south-east Asian nation was ranked highly for its economic and lifestyle factors, which may make it an attractive option for individuals seeking a global health insurance policy, while Egypt and Saudi Arabia came second and third respectively.

A total of 31 countries around the world were included in the survey, ranging from developed nations such as the US and UK to emerging economies including Brazil and India.

It revealed that, despite global economic uncertainty in 2010, optimism remains high among expatriates, with many satisfied with the performance of their chosen destination.

There was also a rise in the number of people reporting an improvement in their financial situation since moving overseas, with 63 per cent saying they now have more disposable income since relocating, compared with 56 per cent last year.

Meanwhile, the number of people planning to remain in their current location dropped, with 64 per cent not intending to relocate to another country, compared with 87 per cent in 2010.

Head of marketing at HSBC Bank International Lisa Wood said the final results of the survey will make for interesting reading, as it should reveal how expatriates have been affected by the major global events that have taken place over the last 21 months, from economic difficulties to political and social unrest.

"Our findings this year show Thailand as the top expat destination, being ranked as number one by our expats for ease of organising healthcare, finding accommodation and the work environment," she added.

It last year's survey, it ranked highly as an option for retirees, so Ms Wood stated it is good to see it improving its economic appeal.

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