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Expatriate Insurance News: Stress 'can cause poor sleep'

Expat insurance policyholders suffering from insomnia or who regularly have a poor night's sleep might have high levels of stress.

Zealhealth.co.uk director and nutritionist Helena Oades explained this emotion increases levels of cortisol in the body.

Overnight, these are supposed to fall to enable people to relax, she claimed, adding that this promotes sleep.

This might not happen as effectively among stressed individuals, the expert noted.

Caffeinated drinks, alcohol and cigarettes can influence the amount of cortisol produced, while eating small meals throughout the day might also be beneficial, she suggested.

Ms Oades said that "diet plays a bit part" in the regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters.

Oats have been linked to a good night's sleep, while insomnia can be aggravated through a lack of magnesium and calcium, she pointed out.

Activities such as painting, listening to music or reading can assist a person in relaxing at the end of the day, which can improve slumber, Jessica Alexander of the Sleep Council recently remarked.

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