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Expatriate Insurance News: Smokers and drinkers 'face oral health risks'

Expatriates who smoke and drink might want to consider how they are increasing their likelihood of having to make a claim on international medical insurance policies due to oral problems.

British Dental Association scientific advisor professor Damien Walmsley pointed out some of the conditions these people have an elevated chance of suffering from include certain cancers and gum disease.

He recommended that members of the public use fluoride toothpastes to brush their teeth twice every day, while they should also visit the dentist on a regular basis.

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Peridontology revealed heavy smokers and drinkers have three times the risk of developing oral health complaints that could lead to chronic conditions than those with healthier lifestyles.

Furthermore, individuals who are dependent on alcohol also have a higher chance of suffering from severe gum disease, clinical research found.

One of the major reasons why there are "pockets of poor oral health" is dietary factors, professor Walmsley added.

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