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Expatriate Insurance News: Parental origin 'affects Swedish children'

Children born in Sweden to parents from other countries differ in a number of ways to those children born to two Swedish parents, new research suggests.

Findings released by Statistics Sweden show that those who are born to parents not from Sweden are less likely to start their own families, tend to live in lower-income areas, have higher mortality rates and are themselves more likely to move abroad.

The study found that those children born to parents from different countries are more likely to have a partner from the same background and also typically have a lower education than those born with two Swedish parents.

The number of people in this group is continuing to grow, the statistics agency found. Currently, more than one million people in the country have at least one foreign-born parent.

Previous surveys showed it was most common to have a parent from another Nordic country, but in recent years this trend has changed, as more people from other parts of the world head to Sweden.

Earlier this year, the country’s capital, Stockholm, was named as the first European Green Capital thanks to its focus on the environment and healthy living.

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