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Expatriate Insurance News: Money 'is better off in investments than lying around'

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders would be better off investing any spare capital rather than keeping it lying around at home.

This is the advice from Adrian Lowcock, a senior investment adviser at Bestinvest, who said there is no risk-free way of keeping money in the house.

"You have two big risks. First off is inflation. You have that risk and it erodes the purchasing power of your money. That can have a very big impact on the value of your savings over time," he pointed out.

Secondly, money could be stolen or lost at home and insurance providers may not pay out on a claim for any significant amount of cash.

While expat insurance customers might still be wary of financial institutions following the global recession, Mr Lowcock urged people to look at the facts and weigh up the risks.

His comments come after research from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme revealed that some £7 billion is being kept as cash in savers' homes.

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