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Expatriate Insurance News: Kidney donation 'not linked to heart disease'

Expatriates who donated a kidney do not have a higher likelihood of having to pay for heart disease treatments on international medical insurance policies than those who have not.

A study, led by Dr Amit Garg and to be published in the British Medical Journal, revealed donors are actually at a lower risk of developing cardiac conditions or early death than the general populace.

This is despite a correlation between reduced kidney function and heart disease.

Dr Garg explained the investigation took place in order to promote the public's trust of transplantation.

It also "informs the choices of potential donors and recipients and guides follow-up care to maintain good long-term health", he stated.

Globally, over 27,000 individuals donate this organ every year and the University of Maryland Medical Center claims the risks of the procedure are similar to those endured in all major surgeries, such as infection or bleeding.

"Death resulting from kidney donation is extremely rare," the facility added.

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