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Expatriate Insurance News: 'It's never too soon' to start planning expatriate lifestyle

Prospective expatriates hoping to relocate abroad in the future should waste no time in planning for their getaway, Shelter Offshore has argued.

According to director of the website Rhiannon Davies, sorting out money matters and expatriate healthcare should be the main priority.

"The number one thing to get right is your finances, therefore consideration should be given to affording the move and affording ongoing living, healthcare and property costs, for example, above all else. I would say that it’s simply never too soon to start planning," she advised.

However, it could take around 12 to 18 months of planning before every aspect of a person's new life abroad can be started, so those approaching retirement age in the next couple of years could take time to kick-start their preparations now.

Ms Davies' remarks come after research from sunshine.co.uk found 12 per cent of British people would consider relocating abroad in order to find a lower cost of living.

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