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Expatriate Insurance News: Forbidden City opens up to visitors

Expatriate medical insurance customers living in China could get a chance to see one of the country's most secretive sights now that great swathes of the Forbidden City in Beijing have been restored.

The former imperial palace site has long been a tourist attraction and receives tens of thousands of visitors each day, but tourists tend to stick to the central axis of the city, which gets very crowded.

However, thousands of courtyards on the UNESCO World Heritage Site had remained closed to the public – until a restoration project concentrated on alleviating the tourist congestion and opening up.

Now, The China Guide tour group is offering expat health insurance customers the opportunity to wander around the gardens and courtyards that have remained elusive to tourists for years.

Manager of the group Peter Danford commented that his tours do not demand guests follow a strict schedule but allow them to meander through the hidden rooms of the Forbidden City.

"It's when I get out of the crowds and am standing in a quiet courtyard I can imagine the history that must have occurred there," he explained.

The Forbidden City was used as the imperial palace during the mid-Ming and the Qing dynasties.

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