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Expatriate Insurance News: Expat faces jail for assault

An expatriate has been warned that he could receive a jail sentence after being convicted of punching a man, swearing and of drinking alcohol in Dubai.

The expat, who is British, confessed to drinking liquor but rejected the accusation of punching a 35-year-old Swedish man and cursing at him in public, Gulf News reported.

A disagreement is said to have broken out over business activities that the two men had been involved in and the expatriate, referred to as TA, lashed out, causing a one per cent permanent disability to the Swede's lip.

The newspaper reported that the Swede said TA had turned up outside his house.

"I went there and he seemed drunk and tense. He yelled and cursed me. He grabbed my head from the back and punched me then I fell to the ground," the claimant explained.

Dubai laws state that expatriates can drink alcohol in specially licensed places, such as in hotel bars and clubs. Non-Muslim expats can also procure a licence that allows them to buy liquor for home consumption.

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