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Expatriate Healthcare News: Whey protein 'assists weight loss'

Dieting expatriates with international medical insurance may wish to increase their intake of certain foodstuffs to assist them in losing any excess pounds.

Dr David Baer, research leader for the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service, noted that protein from whey and soy sources produce different effects on ghrelin concentration, which can affect the hunger levels of humans.

Furthermore, leucine and other branch chain amino acids could possibly alter a person's metabolism and cause weight loss, the researcher stated.

Whey has higher concentrations of these two substances than soy, Dr Baer revealed.

He had co-authored a new double-blind investigation into the issue focusing on overweight and obese people.

This involved 90 subjects who had continued eating their normal diets with no restrictions on fatty food consumption.

Only modest effects to the weights of the participants were realised in this study.

The expert added: "To slim down, reducing calorie intake is very effective."

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