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Expatriate Healthcare News: 'Prepare' before relocating abroad

There are many things to consider when relocating abroad, an expert has said.

Senior move manager at Crown Relocations Kimberly Millhouse recommended people thinking about becoming expatriates get every piece of paperwork in order before embarking.

This is "crucial" in order to avoid major issues occurring in the last minutes before the move, she declared.

The expert suggested people organise their visas and other travel documents, remembering children's passports last just five years.

Individuals should also ensure they have international medical insurance, with many policies not providing cover when a person moves to another country, Ms Millhouse pointed out.

Bank accounts in foreign countries ought to be looked into, as this will assist men and women in managing their finances in the new country, she continued, suggesting people also consider what to do with the savings and investments they have made in their homeland.

In some situations, it may be possible for an individual to retain their voting privileges in their mother country.

Pet owners will have to think about whether or not they will take the animal with them and should come up with alternative accommodation for the animal if they do not, such as through family members or new owners, Ms Millhouse added.

Furthermore, vehicles can be sold, shipped to another nation or kept in the original country in storage.

Medical and school records are also useful when relocating abroad and research must be done into the vaccinations required in the destination.

"The whole family" should be inoculated well before the departure date, she noted.

Ms Millhouse suggested that people set up a mail forwarding system in order to ensure "nothing slips through the net" when contact details change.

This echoes comments made by NotesinSpanish.com director Ben Curtis, who advised individuals expatriating to Spain to research the nation fully beforehand.

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