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Expatriate Healthcare News: Exercise 'can control anxiety'

Expatriate international health insurance customers who suffer from elevated anxiety could benefit from taking regular exercise, it has been claimed.

Anxiety UK communications officer Terri Torevell argued that working out releases "happy chemicals", including endorphins and serotonin.

The organisation recommends people suffering from this condition "increase their activity levels", she noted.

Further benefits can be realised from exercise as the excess adrenaline many sufferers experience can be burnt off.

It also distracts a person, which provides short-term relief to this problem, Mrs Torevell asserted.

Mentoring is also beneficial for people suffering from this ailment, with research from the organisation revealing a total of 86 per cent of individuals – both supporters and those supported – experienced an improvement in their ability to manage their mental wellbeing.

A total of 93 per cent of participants in the charity's Mentoring and Employment Project demonstrated that their skills in this area had been enhanced, which is 24 per cent higher than benchmarks made by the mental health service.

Zoe, who mentored a woman with lifelong anxiety in social situations, said: "Given the right support, it was wonderful to see the progress she made in just six months – to see how much her self-esteem and confidence had grown."

Anxiety UK claims that many people with this condition refuse to discuss it with other people as there is a social stigma associated with it.

This is despite the high number of sufferers, some of whom are involved in the running of this national registered charity.

It was formed 40 years ago by an individual with agoraphobia, aiming to provide help and support to those with anxiety problems.

The group contrasts unhealthy anxiety with other forms of this emotion, such as stress, which comes and goes relating to external factors.

People who find it difficult to identify what is causing them this distress often have a heightened sense of anxiety, so the organisation also recommends practices such as yoga, listening to music and reading to manage the condition.

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