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Expatriate Healthcare News: Cooking from scratch 'boosts health and saves money'

Expatriate health insurance policyholders can stay healthy and save money by cooking their meals from scratch using fresh, local ingredients.

Registered nutritionist Carina Norris said convenience food tends to cost more, so homemade dishes can help those living abroad keep their expenditure down.

It also enables them to monitor their intake of salt, sugar and fat, helping them to keep their weight and blood pressure at a healthy level.

As Ms Norris explained, when cooking from scratch, expatriates can see exactly what is going into their food and how much.

"You can add salt to your taste rather than what the manufacturer thinks you ought to have," she stated.

"It is a known thing that we get the vast majority of our salt intake from manufactured food. It is not actually the salt we add to our own cooking and at the table, it's in ready-made food."

Fortunately, those living abroad may have easy access to local markets where they can source fresh ingredients and perhaps sample new food products they would not have tried at home.

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