Expat Medical Insurance News: Spain's pink papers provide a rare laugh -
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Expat Medical Insurance News: Spain's pink papers provide a rare laugh

Those planning a move to Spain should be aware that national and regional newspapers operate on a distinctive rationale, one expat has advised.

Anna Nicholas, the Telegraph’s resident expat blogger in Majorca, explained that when she moved to the country a few years ago, she soon noticed that the dailies are written in a dry, serious tone that is entirely devoid of the kind of celebrity news that is the staple of many UK papers.

However, she then realised that rather than aiming for a little comic relief in the daily papers, the media industry instead concentrates lighter news in the ‘pink pages’, magazines which typically feature a number of sensational and scandalous stories and for which there is a high demand throughout the country.

Adapting to cultural differences is an important part of settling into expat life, but those living overseas should also pay due care and attention to expat health insurance, as medical arrangements can differ greatly from country to country.

Valencia’s regional government, for example, has recently introduced a law blocking early retiree expats from accessing free healthcare.

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