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Expat medical insurance news: Poland 'holds many attractions'

Individuals hoping to experience a different face of Europe may wish to consider Poland as a destination, it has been claimed.

The country was recently named as one of the destinations of the decade by the Guardian newspaper and has a number of factors that could draw appeal to tourists and expatriates alike.

Ewa Binkin, development, PR and press manager at the Polish National Tourist Office, argued that the country provides very good value for money and has a range of different landscapes that could appeal to a wide array of people.

The country has alpine destinations and seaside towns, as well as bustling cities that represent Poland’s more modern aspects.

Older individuals hoping to enjoy a slower pace of life in their new expatriate home may also find what they are after in Poland, Ms Binkin suggested.

"It has the cosy comforts of a destination that hasn’t yet succumbed to the speed of modernity," she said.

Those individuals that do make a move to the country may be wise to consider investing in international health insurance before they move home.

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