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Expat medical insurance news: 'Many things to consider' when moving to Spain

Expatriate international medical insurance customers may have already thought about their healthcare before moving to Spain.

However, there are many other things to consider when relocating abroad, Almermimarlife.com founder Chris Marshall explained.

He suggested people rent accommodation for a year in the country, as this enables them to view it in every season.

The tourism industry in the nation is struggling and some airports have cut back on their services, the expert added.

Mr Marshall claimed "accessibility is important", as even if a person does not intent to go to their homeland ever again, they still might want to be visited by their friends and family.

Therefore, the expert argued expatriates should examine local airports and transportation links to ensure their new life can "work all year round".

Areas popular among tourists may seem like exciting and pleasant places to live during the peak holiday periods, but when the overseas visitors go away they can be "anything but that", he added.

Mr Marshall said: "The expat life can be incredibly intense, incredibly quickly."

He suggested individuals "tread carefully" in their social life, as it is possible they will spend longer with others than they normally would.

This is particularly common among expatriates who are no longer working, the expert continued.

Calling it "a lot like a club membership", Mr Marshall argued people can be particularly excited and not believe anything will go badly in their new life when they are relocating abroad.

It's "not necessarily a bad thing", he admitted.

"Expat communities are very intense environments to live in," the expert concluded.

Mr Marshall had previously mentioned Spanish people tend to appreciate expatriates and other people from overseas who have attempted to integrate, rather than those who do not know any Spanish and eat fish and chips in English restaurants.

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