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Expat medical insurance news: Link established between diet and cancer

Expatriate medical insurance policyholders may wish to ensure they are eating a healthy balanced diet, as a significant number of studies have shown a link between cancer and the intake of food.

This is "not yet fully understood by health professionals", Greatvine.com nutrition consultant Charlotte Stirling-Reed commented.

However, a relationship between processed or red meat, saturated fats or salt and cancer of the mouth, breast, oesophagus, stomach and bowel has been established, as has consumption of fruit and vegetables and a lower incidence of tumours, she declared.

Further studies have indicated walnuts could reduce the likelihood of someone suffering from breast cancer, such as one recently undertaken by Marshall University School of Medicine in the US.

However, "determining an effect as being down to one single food item" is very hard and this research is therefore "difficult to interpret", the expert asserted.

Nonetheless, nuts are a "good contribution to a healthy diet", Ms Stirling-Reed stated.

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