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Expat Medical Insurance News: Expats in Spain happy with care tax

A new report has revealed that the majority of expats paying a care tax for medical treatment are happy with the service they receive.

The survey, carried out by the Telegraph, revealed that the majority of expats who are ineligible for free healthcare and who are paying the tax feel it offers both value for money and access to quality healthcare.

This comes despite a report from Shelter Offshore which revealed that in many circumstances, the care tax is more expensive than a competitive expat medical insurance policy.

Access to affordable healthcare has been a prominent issue of concern among the Spanish expat community in recent months as access to care has been repealed for early retirees living in Valencia.

Under the old system, all EU nationals living in Spain were entitled to free treatment in the country, but Valencia took the step of limiting access for early retirees, citing a drain on resources.

Free care is still available for those living in the region who are over the retirement age, as well as those who are contributing to a national insurance scheme.

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