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Expat medical insurance news: Expats in Gormley pilgrimage

An intrepid group of expats living in Perth have travelled 750km inland to witness acclaimed sculptor Antony Gormley’s latest installation.

The artist was commissioned to create 51 figurative sculptures to be installed in the Lake Ballard area in Western Australia.

Writing for the Telegraph, Perth resident Michael Grouch detailed the journey of a gang of his fellow expats to behold the new sculptures, all of whom defied the various trappings of late middle age to do so.

One ex-mariner’s joints had suffered after too many years on the golf course, while another couple occasionally showed the effects of the minor strokes they had suffered.

Despite a long journey, it was an experience that all benefited from, Mr Grouch concluded: "Thank you Antony Gormley for luring us from our insulated, comfortable lives, to experience something of life in the Outback – with a touch of culture."

For older generations considering a move to Australia, expat medical insurance may be a pressing consideration.

While private health cover is recommended, the Expat Forum has advised that additional support may be available under the Medicare scheme.

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