Expat medical insurance news: 'Be realistic' about retiring abroad -

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Expat medical insurance news: 'Be realistic' about retiring abroad

The most important thing for retirees to remember when considering a move abroad is that relocation does not mean reinvention, Shelter Offshore has advised.

In the first of a series of articles offering advice to retirees planning to emigrate, the expat community site explained that while people may be moving to an exotic new location, they are still going to run into familiar frustrations and problems.

"Keep perspective on everything too – remember why you’ve moved abroad and keep the positive reasons in your mind when you encounter any difficulties or setbacks. Take time out to enjoy your new environment," the site advised.

Arranging essentials such as expat medical insurance prior to making the move may also help expats to enjoy their surroundings and avoid becoming buried in paperwork.

For those who are planning a move to a non English-speaking country, the site advised learning at least a little of the local language, as this will help people to feel more integrated within the community.

The site has also recently urged Britons not to be put off by scare stories about poor healthcare standards in foreign countries, as many destinations offer better care than that available in the UK.

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