Expat Medical Insirance News: All Dagestanis entitled to free healthcare -
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Expat Medical Insirance News: All Dagestanis entitled to free healthcare

All Dagestanis have access to free education and healthcare whether they are employed or not, a country native who now lives in Turkey has said.

"I was a law student before I came to live here, and all university students get a grant of about TL 120 a month to cover travel costs and food in university canteens," Asya, the owner of "Annem Zeynep’in Mutfagi" restaurant in Antalya told Today’s Zaman.

Dagestan, which is based in the north part of the Caucasus, across from Kazakhstan on the western shores of the Caspian Sea, is a small country that covers just 400 kilometres by 200 kilometres, about 15 times smaller than Turkey.

Despite general belief, people in Dagestan do not have a hard time, according to Asya.

She explains that everybody in the country is a homeowner, with state workers earning $400-$500 and private sector employees around $700.

"Bills are much lower than in Turkey as we don’t have to import natural gas or oil; utility bills total around $80 a month," she adds.

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