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Expat Health Insurance News: Top tips to avoid Christmas hangover

International healthcare customers have been offered a range of tips to beat the Christmas hangover and avoid having to seek medical attention.

Dr Sarah Brewer, an author and medical nutritionist, noted that alcohol is a diuretic, so drinking water the morning after the night before will help combat dehydration.

"To replenish potassium and other important salt levels, take electrolyte solutions, made up from sachets or effervescent tablets, available from pharmacies," she advised.

Milk thistle and globe artichoke extracts could also help protect the liver and can reduce nausea, bloating and indigestion, which could assist expat insurance policyholders who have overdone it during the festive party season.

"Drink your fluids, take your supplements, eat a light diet and rest until the effects wear off, then promise yourself you'll go easier next time – think of your liver," Dr Brewer added.

Her comments come after research from the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development showed that while alcohol consumption has decreased on the whole since 1980, individuals in Ireland and Finland are consuming around 30 per cent more per year.

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