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Expat Health Insurance News: To buy or not to buy in Belgium

One of the biggest dilemmas facing those considering a move to Belgium, or indeed any European destination, is whether to buy or rent a home.

Such is the claim of Expatica Belgium, which has explained that there benefits and pitfalls to each option and for this reason it is important for potential expats to do their research.

For those planning to rent, the expat portal advised doing so through a reliable and respected rental dealer, as they will be able to offer an extensive insight into all aspects of choosing a property.

"A good agent should be able to tell you about the market, city, price and quality of housing—as well as restrictions that apply to expats, arrange visits for you, negotiate with landlords and provide a contract in English," the site declared.

Elsewhere, Expatica has reassured those moving to Belgium that they will be in safe hands where medical care is concerned, as the country boasts one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

However, an expat health insurance policy may prove valuable in ensuring that full access to treatment is available.

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