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Expat Health Insurance News: Strong immune system 'protects against genital warts'

Although people who believe they have contracted genital warts would be well-advised to seek advice from an international healthcare specialist, the virus can go away by itself.

Helpline and information services manager at the Family Planning Association Lynn Hearton claimed the warts can be cleared up "very quickly" by people with a "good, healthy immune system".

The condition is caused by a specific strain of the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is different to the HPV that causes warts on fingers or other parts of the body, she declared.

Frequently, the problem can flare up when a person is ill or their immunity is dampened, such as when they become run-down or during pregnancy, the specialist continued.

"It is important to keep your immune system healthy in order to deal with any viruses you come across in life, not just sexual ones," Ms Hearton added.

She stressed the importance of using condoms when having sex, especially with a person who has untreated genital warts.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, some people who have been infected with HPV may not see any symptoms for years.

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