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Expat Health Insurance News: Pace of life attracts expats to NZ

Prospective expatriates are being drawn to New Zealand because of its relaxed pace of life and natural environment, the nation's tourism board has stated.

Gregg Anderson, general manager of western long-haul markets at Tourism New Zealand, pointed out that the most popular places to settle for expatriate medical insurance policyholders are "in and around cities where the greatest business and employment opportunities lie … so Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson".

He mentioned that some expatriates are finding their feet in places such as the Hawke's Bay and Wanaka, possibly as a result of witnessing the lifestyle and beautiful surroundings while on previous holidays to New Zealand.

His comments come after the Lonely Planet Awards found 14.35 per cent of British citizens would love to take up the expatriate lifestyle in New Zealand.

Mr Anderson advised anyone considering relocating to the country to visit New Zealand for a holiday first and use the trip "to research work and lifestyle opportunities".

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